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5-Year Scheme of Learning


At Purposeful Maths we have worked to put together a 5-Year Scheme of Learning that is mapped to both the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum for England and the Pearson Edexcel GCSE Scheme of Learning.

The aim of this Scheme of Learning is not be a definitive document that works for all schools; it is designed to be adapted for each school’s needs.

In order for this Scheme of Learning to be appropriate for the widest range of students, we have split the Scheme into three separate difficulties.  The topics covered are intentionally the same across each of the three schemes, this ensures maximum levels of continuity should students move between classes or schemes.  


Scheme A ranges from Grades 1-5

Scheme B ranges from Grades 4-7

Scheme C ranges from Grades 5-9


We acknowledge that other schools may sequence their Schemes of Learning in a different way.  This Scheme of Learning has proved to be a high quality and effective scheme for our students, however, we acknowledge Scheme of Learning are not a one-size fits all solution.

This is the first version of an ongoing project.  Please do contact us with your feedback.

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