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Thank you for visiting Purposeful Maths!

We have created this website as a way of sharing our resources with the mathematics teaching community.

We both have a passion for improving the teaching of mathematics to young people through ensuring thorough understanding of subject content.

Between us we have over 17 years of classroom experience across very different schools, both within the UK and abroad.


Having previously worked together to significantly improve the results of our department, we now work at two different schools in the City of York, Phil as Assistant Headteacher and Martin as Head of Department.


Our department undertook huge improvements as a result of some of the ideas you will find on our site.

Our philosophy has always been to use the best educational research to improve the mathematical experience of all students regardless of background or prior attainment.

We hope you find the site useful and please feel free to subscribe to our updates and follow us on Twitter at @pbrucemaths and @mrgreen_maths.

All the best.

Phil and Martin

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